Day 29
Thursday, May 10th
3 miles

Some highlights:

Plan route
Go shopping
Stop at picky picky picky to get cheapo sleeping bag, whistle and tarp
PPP had amazing amount of stuff for those of little means trying to live in the interstices (some people call it "the edge", as if there's nothing beyond)
See sign for new co-op
Stop at St. Vincent de Paul to find sweater--no decent sweaters
Shop at co-op
Overwhelming selection of food for travelers, dried food, in particular
Remember about getting box on the way out
Meet up with Adrienne just in time to get ride to Arcata with Catherine
Catherine tells us about Bridgeville and the cultivation of "medicinal herbs" there
We stop at bike/backpacking shop to get nalgene container for instant foods, spoon, cytomax, gloves and flourescent yellow jacket
We also stop at co-op in Arcata to get the few things i didn't have time to get to in Eureka: salmon and more snacks for Adrienne
Took bus back to Eureka
Ate at sushi joint kitty corner to Red Lion
Adrienne went to sleep and i tried to pack and work through her AUC contract, etc.