Day 4
Sunday, April 15th

Today was incredibly stressful, between trying to make some time to spend with my mom, getting the invitations made, fixing my bike, and, for Adrienne, working on fixing her manuscript.

We made plans to have breakfast at Tillie Gorts, a local vegetarian joint. Unfortunately, to make things further stressful, Adrienne's bike had a flat. Breakfast, however, was pretty good. We went to my mom's house to visit with her and her new poodle, Bela. I have to admit, i like Bela, all of its rambunctiousnous aside, more that Smoky, her last poodle.

Breakfast was rather filling, so it became difficult to focus on the work at hand with the food coma setting in. We eventually did a little more shopping for the invitations and then had some dinner after my mom finished with a doctor's appointment. Dinner, at Turtle Bay, downtown, was quite good--better than previous occasions. I'll have to keep it in mind for when we move to Monterey.

Adrienne and i had yet another fight after dinner, further complicated by my mom's presence. We came to some vague semblance of a resolution on that one, resolving to finish the invitations when next we meet in Walnut Creek in a week, rather than staying up all night to finish them. I stayed up a little while longer getting the RSVP postcards designed. I was pretty tired and loopy by this point, so those of you getting an invitation will likely find it slightly absurd.