Contents of the Special Issue

Cover Page (including printable PDF files)
Introduction to the Special Edition
Message from The Alarm! editor

Racism & military build-up challenged by Fhar Miess
Civil Liberties on the chopping block by Fhar Miess
Consumerism & the urge for normalcy by Fhar Miess

Analysis & Commentary
America’s new crusade by Leila & sasha
The capitalist war machine by Fhar Miess
Why no retaliation? by Travis Workman
Editorial Acratador Radio (en Español)

From Ground Zero in New York by Simin Javad

Additional Articles
America’s Pipe Dream by George Monbiot
Bioterror and Biosafety by Vandana Shiva
Speech at October 11th rally at UCSC by Manuel Schwab
Talking Points by Michael Albert and Stephen Shalom
RAWA statement on the terrorist attacks in the US
Taliban should be overthrown by the uprising of Afghan nation by RAWA
Vulcanology: dealing with the inevitable erruption of the underground by Anonymous
Ataque en EEUU: una pelicula candidata al oscar a la que le cambiaron el final por Inés Arcia
Tribalism, Revenge and the Modern Imperialist State by Micah Posner
Neither Their War nor Their Peace by Wolfi Landstreicher
Those Lives Are More Human Than Ours by Latuff
A Shattered Nation Longs to Care About Stupid Shit Again from the Onion magazine
Fighting the Next War, Not the Last One by Michael Novick
The So-Called Evidence is a Farce by Stan Goff

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